1/2 mount

I am learning McBride roller coaster and I need help on the 1/2 mount so when I hit the string instead of going around it just bounces back do any of you have any tips ???

pull your hands together alittle bit when you hit the string.

Yeah, same thing happened to me, just give it some slack by moving non throw hand closer (slightly). just mess around with the amount of slack till you find the right distance to move your hand.

I guess it’s kinda like learning trapeze and double or nothing. It just takes time to judge the distance between your hands.

Very true. I also found it helpful to sort of raise my non-throwhand as the yo-yo comes around. It helps to make that bit of slack and gives you a little bit more room for last second adjustments. I would also suggest not practicing in the method where you drape it over your throwhand pointer and flip it over into the mount, unless you strictly use that to judge hand distance. That method brought me nothing but frustration because it would always miss flip out in front of the string. So get the muscle memory down for hand distance and practice going straight into the mount. It’s frustrating and it took me a pretty long time, but you’ll be able to throw 1 1/2 mounts in your sleep before long :stuck_out_tongue: