1 1/2 or 3/2 mount help Dx

Erm… Someone help me with 3/2 mount? It’s like… When the yoyo hits the upper string, you’re supposed to give it slack so that it can form a loop on your throwhand index, no? How do you exactly “give it slack”? All I get is my yoyo hitting the upper string, and bouncing off it after that :-\

To give it slack you simply bring your hands closer together while its coming around your fingers… also dont stop the motion of the yoyo until you have landed the mount completely. another thing you can try is let your non throw hand be pulled alittle by the yoyo as it hits the string then it should continue over your throw hand instead of bouncing off.

It’s like if I move my free hand towards my throwhand the yoyo movement goes off :frowning:

you’ll get it I know everyone says this but all you need to do is practice and keep what people tell you in mind.