09 888 VS P2 VS 4XL

Okay, I’m looking for a new metal, I narrowed my choices down to these, I don’t care much about the shape and size. I love grinding and would prefer the finish to be similar to my hatrick, which of these is the best for my preferences

PS I know someone who sells these yo-yos so I can purchase them

I havent tried a 4xl but the 888 is great on grinds and similar to the hatrick. the p2 is fast has a groove finish that is good for grinds and plays great imo.

09 888 is not bead blasted. So the grinds is not tht good. P2 has a textured finished and it also has grooves that aids grinding.

Thanks for the help guys but I got a northern spin co. Aurora, ima be doing a review soon

guess I replied too late. The xxxxl is awesome, seriously. It’s beefcaked, hence a very wide gap. ; O