Which to get, or just wait?

Well I am planning to get an 888 or a Project 2, I will have both in the future but I wanna get one now, Its either get the P2 and wait for the 888x to come out later, or get the 888 (09) and get P2 later Im not sure, I have tried both P2 and 888, they seem the same to me :confused: besides the fact that one is a bit rounded but yea…

I would go with whatever shape is new to you. I say this since the more new stuff you try, the more you’ll learn about what you look for in a yoyo. That’d be my decision if I were you.

Besides, worse comes to worse, flip a coin! ;D

Ive tried both, ive borrowed a friends of both yoyos for the same amount of time (not exactly but yea), Idk :stuck_out_tongue: i heard the the new 888x will have better grinding ring things than the old one

Why not buy the P2 now, and get the 888x later? I’m sure they’ll be making plenty of the 888x and you can starting throwing a new yoyo while you wait for the release.

I go for the coin flip. Or you can do a coin flip generator so that you’ll get an amount on both of them. (its not a 50/50 btw the weight of the embossing changes rotation rate which will give it a better chance on one side just thought you’d like to know that).

I have a project 2 and a 888 (09 edition). They are both great yoyos but they both have a very different shape. I haven’t tried the 888x so I’m not sure if that would play much better than the 888 09 edition, but i read on yoyoskills that the 888x has “a new high lustre finish for grinds and looks, the weight is tweak again, and a new price.” I would say its just up to whatever shape you like better (since they are very different). But if it were me, I would want to try the new 888x to see if it really has change that much.

I personally like the eight8eight way more. Both are solid yoyos though, you really can’t go wrong.

I would go with P2 and wait for 888x if you’re going to get both anyways, just get the one that has no changes to it first then later go ahead and buy the new and improved 888

They actually kinda screwed up the later ones… I would get an '07 888… But anway, I would get the p2 first, there a little more rare, so there is a chance they could get sold out for awhile. While the 888 is a common yoyo.

hmmm i didn’t think of that

Everything about this statement is false.

The P2 is always and forever going to be in constant production. Period.

And they didn’t screw up the 888. They changed it based on customer requests.