09 888 Dragon 2nd Edition Red ;D

can any1 gimme tips and tell me how to take good care of it? ;D like… whether nid to change the silicone pad or sumthg… cuz this is my 1st time using yoyo wif silicon pads ;D 1st time having such a expensive yoyo ;D so help me please ^^

well usaly the time to replace thim is when the pads fall off thim self or tell it just dosn’t look any good. so i would get some pads now. on care i sudgest don’t play with it over concreat and get a shorter than usale string will help from dinging.later.

keep it spinning

Where did you get it? I want one!

Get then when your binds are really loose. It will get dirty, but thats how you will know its broken in. When you feel you don’t get the same play like you used to, throw them out, and put in new ones,

Please post a pic!! That yoyo sounds awesome!

Thanks for all the help ^^

singapore xDD the 1 and onli yoyo shop in singapore =X i bought the last 888 red dragon xD left gold =X