ZtringZ-Now officially open!

Any color out of Red Blue White Red And Black - 100% Polyester String, Shipped in length of 4 feet or longer with no slip not, just tape so the end of the string won’t unravel.

10 - 1 Plain Strings will cost you $3
10 - 2 Color Strings will cost you $3
10 - 3 Color Strings will cost you $3

5 - 1 Plain Strings will cost you $1.50
5 - 2 Color Strings will cost you $1.50
5 - 3 Color Strings will cost you $1.50

I’m no scammer. If you don’t like the string return all ten within two days of receiving it and I shall give you a refund. But if 2 or more strings are used no refund. Once I receive the string I’ll send the money back.

I can send via Envelope for the cost of a stamp, (costs 25 cents). I can send any other method if you want, just tell me in the PM. I can also ship internationally, be sure to tell me that in the PM. Calculate shipping rates at USPS.com.

Also if you want 6 ply or 8 ply tell me, any higher than add will add 50 cents to the price of the string for each 2 ply extra, I shall take away 50 cents for each 2 ply lesser than 6, (( I believe the Mighty Flea only uses 4 ply)) Also tell me if you want it bulk or not bulk.

Pictures of string:http://i829.photobucket.com/albums/zz219/YoyoGfx1/Ztring/IMG_0093.jpg
Putting up Blue pics and combos later. later

Videos of me using String: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYcip70Fu_I
Using 3 color string in this which is Red, White and Blue. Perfect for July 4th!
Making a Promo soon.

you shouldnt do those weird prices make them like mine

How are they weird? Well guess I’ll change the price.

Looks exactly like my Poly Thread string weird…