Zirconium Yoyo

This is a fun project. Zirconium is 2x the price of titanium and heavier. http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/15/03/18/42febec9534a3c919a8071fe49742051.jpg

While making it my hand slipped and I made my bearing pocket too wide. This caused the string to get stuck between the bearing and the bearing pocket and shredding strings.

Normally I would scrap it but this is over 180.00 in material.

So trying a new fix. :wink:

I TIG welded the pockets full if Zirconium to have a second try at getting it perfect. Hopefully I can salvage this project!

quote RayWilliamJohnson: GEEZUS

Love it

i dont want to know how much you paid… zirconium does not come cheap…

Have fun with that Jon.

Let me know how the weld machines. Been curious about that.

Where’d you find Zirc rod?

That is so cool

Brian the rod is from my sheet supplier. It was a drop from a larger order. I snagged 4 inches for yoyo stuff. We can get more if your interested.

Sounds like string slippage. Could always try a konkave bearing. If all else fails put an SPR in it :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure how all of these super skilled and knowledgeable knife craftsmen are ending up on YYE but i’m loving it… Would love to see the artistry and innovation of the custom knife world brought to yoyos. I think you guys will find some pretty big spenders around here who would be interested in your projects. Yoyos with timascus weight rings plz.

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Jon is the right guy for supplying Timascus.

Ever thought about using inconel?

^^^ Masochist ^^^

Inconel I’ve looked at doing before but it doesn’t really offer any benefit and poses more problems than it solves… it doesn’t have the “cool” factor to make it worth it.

I guess I shoulda ended it with a “lol” hehe.

Zirconium is cool because it anodizes black and the black oxide is super durable.

Did somebody say Timascus? :slight_smile:


What is this stuff? Is it like the process for making Damascus Steel, except using ti? I would kill for a knife made of that.

It’s Timascus, it’s a layered/patterend Titanium material.

It’s extremely expensive… but very cool. Jon does a lot with it.


I’m curious, would the billet welding affect the balance of a throw? Or is it still consistent enough to not matter? It would look pretty awesome regardless.

The Titanium alloys used are close enough in weight to not matter. I make finger tops out of the material and they spin awesome!