Zipper Kanda

This trick is literally a mashup of Zipper and Nanda Kanda.  If you already know both of those tricks, then figuring this one out should be a breeze. 8)



I like it. My Nanda Kanda could use some improvement first, and then on to this one!


I’ve noticed when you bind, it snakes a snapping noise. What is that?

It is just the sound of the string catching. Sometimes, when the yo-yo still has plenty of spin left, the bind creates a snapping sound.

Does it sound like that in person, or just in the videos?

It happens in person too… At least for me.

If you pinch the string when you bind and pull it down, there will be no snapping noise.

When you just throw the string back into the yoyo, there will be a snapping noise (Most of the time for both of these)

I think it also depends on the yo-yo, how fresh the response pads are, etc.