Zip Zop - Collection So Far

What started as a joke, has actually managed to slowly gain some traction. Over the last few years I have managed to catch 4 (of 6) Zip Zops out in the wild! Its been quite the endurance project and am too deep to turn back now.

These are not for sale or trade.

*** If you have, or help me find, a Zip Zop PUFFIN 1 and/or a Zip Zop Summit PLEASE PM ME :slight_smile: ***

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do. :heart_eyes:

Chief - BvM2 - Bonfire - Gharwhal1

(Just noticed today is my Cake Day! Huzzah!!)


Just found the Puffin 1, still need to snipe that Summit. Finders Fee is available if anyone can point me to the right direction to get it. Thanks again!


Wow, such a great colorway. Hadn’t seen these before, so thanks for posting this up for everyone to drool over

And congrats on scooping up the Puffin just recently too dude. I’m pulling for you to find that last one to round out what is a beautiful collection.

Lovely yoyos, Dust!


Thank you very much brother! :pray:

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Hey, absolutely dude. I really am digging these.

What do you think your chances of completing the set are? Like I said I’d never even seen these before, and I’ve got no clue how rare they are. Hopefully not exxxtra spotted albino unicorn rare. It really would be cool to be able to have the whole line.


Well, the colorway, from my understanding, was a one shot ano for each run, to which I believe there to be 6 (Chief, Bonfire, Gnarwhal1, Puffin1, BVM2, and Summit). The runs’ numbers are fuzzy at best, but were -/+ 10 - 15ish made for each one. Not all were A Grades, I have seen a few fools golds out there, so some runs may have had even less that were A grade after the ano.

The Chief, for instance, is one of 2 or 3 that has been seen in the market in the last 5 or so years.

I never ever expected to make a collection when it started. At first it was a joke, then a fantasy, then I found one! then not long after another. Then over the years I see one and jump on it with a panicked ferver. Its worked so far and its been a long and sometimes frustrating project. I check the BSTs here and r/throwers daily and ive been gracioully helped out by my brothers in the yoyo community thats pointed me towards a connect, or listing that I missed. I do not go on facebook so I have lost a few Opps there i know. . . I got ebay to notify me anytime Zip Zop anything gets posted.
that being said,
Ive never once seen a Summit in that color (let alone a Mint AND A grade) come up for sale. So, while Ive owned several summits and was never head over heels over em and sold or taded them off over time, but to find a mint one now, in that color might actually make me faint. :dizzy_face:

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You turned me on to the zip zop colorway.There is a zip zop chief on the fb bst right now (didnt know they were that rare.) I was going to pick it it up but it has some small damage. Ended up getting a Clearview station blizzard chief instead.

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How much they asking for that Chief?

$80 i think

Want a link?

im not on facebook so i dont think i can see it, but Id like to take a look at a pic or two

Problem is i cant save pics of FB to show you. Heres a link though if that helps at all.
He is selling 7 chiefs i think.


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that link worked!

That one is actually called Grey Bip Bop and a steal at that price even with that minor scuff. Thanks for looking out man, much appreciated. :pray:

Ahh. Looks like i learned something today. Also, any time.

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