zeekio zenith

I came across this throw awhile back on the net and it looked and seemed like it won’t be a good throw for being derlin and for the price. I tried looking for any type of review all o er the place including on here and on YouTube but came up with nothing. Is there any of you here that have one or have any experience playing one that could give some insight about it? Thanks.

I played it from a guy I met and it was really nice. I prefered it to the rally. The grinding surface is better than the rally and yeti and the sape is reminiscent of a Code1 or Burnside. It plays very nice and I was hoping to pick one up as well.

It does look mighty interesting.

Thanks guys. Yeah, I haven’t seen anywhere of someone who had one or played one. I was considering getting one but wanted to ask her if anyone had any insight to it.

I’ve played with one and it’s a pretty good plastic (imho).

Do you think it’s worth buying or would you recommend just going with a different plastic?