Zeekio, Snake Bite, and iYoyo SLACKiES string

Has anyone tried these strings? My supply of MonkeyfingeR Vines is running low and I wanna try out something different.

I’ve had Zeekio and Snake Bite. Didn’t really care too much for snake bite, kinda tore up my hands, but that was also when I first started (I might like them more now). Zeekios are pretty soft though, had some sent to me so I’m not sure which Zeekio strings they are.

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SLACKIES are my favorite string ever. (They are already cut to perfect length, hold tension, etc)

Snake Bite is my least favorite string ever. (Wear out faster than Kitty string, hard to see, and are very tough on your hands.

Never tried Zeekio.

UPDATE: I just tried Zeekio strings and I love them, quite short though.

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I definitely do not recommend snake bite, super did not like those. Zeekio seems fine to me as generic poly.

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I might get some Miyo or Anonymous string. Any info on those? I need string with low tension, which Anonymous String has.

zeekio is really good for a cheap poly. perfect length, tension etc…
i just got a 100 pack in the mail cuz i like them so much :slight_smile:
like good as in comparable to kitty string nylon