Zammy Presents: "Attitude 3"

Finally, things have come to a circle.

Six years ago I made the very first “Attitude” video which due to the thanks of Yoyonations help has now reached over 45k views. That is the largest amount I have on my videos and it is not even on my main account! I’ve been playing Möbius for close to 9 years now but the past 6 has been the most progression/evolution I have done with the playstyle.

I’ve had a lot of opportunities happen…sponsorships, gifts, travel, awards…all due to my hardwork for the substyle. I’m very thankful for that. All in a matter of six years. Time really flies by so be sure to take a breather ever now and then.

This video has a lot of my new material I’ve posted on instagram.  I use a different yoy for each trick, a different company yoyo. Always wanted to do that in a video but never got around to it until. Silly but fun. Lots of dense tech, slack work, flytraps…you name it, it is all there for Möbius.

Check it! If you have facebook, please share it out so I get as much exposure as I can
thanks yall!


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Your tricks are just so dang fun to watch, man.

Love it!

Wow! That’s incredibly cool stuff.

I also would like to let you know that even though I’ve only been throwing for about 4 months I’ve been able to learn “Like A Boss” because of your excellent tutorial. Thank you for your videos and your creativity.

Bump for those that never saw this.