Zach Smith picks a fight!

I’m in a very combative mood recently, so I feel like battling anyone who wants to challenge me. XD So here are the rules. Two minute freestyle, one take. That’s all. Any takers? I’d love to battle anyone right now. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about it Zach :] Not quite sure I’m up to the challenge yet though. (Read: I don’t have time to film a good run.)


Someone else can still challenge, we could turn this into a group battle!

I chagllenge! but i don’t have a camera… i’ve lost before i even started… :-[

ha fail. i dont have a camera but my friend and i will be making videos over the summer a lot so i accept you challenge… later.

I’m in.

Me too, just please put Josh on my team, lol.

alright, let’s do it josh! and jump were you serious about the battle or were you joking? I can’t tell. XD

No I was serious, I just don’t think I can battle Josh lol.

i want to battle, but my camera is broken :’(

This is going to be a battle of epic proportions.

Yep, this is going to be a battle that I don’t want to miss!!!


This will begood!

im in as long as this is what i think it is we make a vid of us yoyoing and then people vote to tell the winner if so im in ill make a vid right now

Actually… I’d kinda like a video battle too. When do you want the video by?

can i still join i need to join another battle it has been a while

Ok guys, if you want in, pm me. tomorrow at noon I’ll have the roster for the battle up. ^o^

I better get crackin then

Are there really going to be teams? When’s it due? I’ll think about it :wink:

No teams, just a free for all. And It’ll be due, next friday. But you guys MUST PM ME to get on the roster.

As in May 14? I’ll join.