I'm back. Gear up.

I gotta battle. Let’s do it. Who’s down? I’m making a comeback and I want it to start like this. Let’s do it!

I was wondering where you had gone. If only I actually owned a camera.

I might be down. Depends on what the rules are.

Same :slight_smile:


I aswell. Btw, are you the zach smith i think you are? Zach smith who recently moved out of ri? I doubt it, but i thought i’d ask

I’m down

I’ve been waiting to battle for a while. battle me.

RI? Rhode Island? Naw grrrl. That ain’t me.

In regards to the actual battle and the number of people I don’t know that wanna battle, how about a battle royale? All of us put together a 1:30 video and let people decide in one post? Just some ideas.

Cool man when should the vids be up?

I wish to try, as well. I’ve never battled, but I think I’m decent enough to try.

I’m down

Let’s have the videos up by the 5th. PM me your video and I’ll put them all and mine in a thread on the 5th. Sound good?

sounds good

Hey, guys, I’m pushing the due date to tomorrow. I’ve been so frakking slammed with work and moving my friend into my apartment, I haven’t had time to make my video.

Thank you…I was at a friends birthday party…couldn’t do it.