I'm back. Gear up.

(Zach Smith) #1

I gotta battle. Let’s do it. Who’s down? I’m making a comeback and I want it to start like this. Let’s do it!

(JonasK) #2

I was wondering where you had gone. If only I actually owned a camera.

(DOGS) #3

I might be down. Depends on what the rules are.

(Khent G) #4

Same :slight_smile:

(laxdude99) #5



I aswell. Btw, are you the zach smith i think you are? Zach smith who recently moved out of ri? I doubt it, but i thought i’d ask


I’m down


I’ve been waiting to battle for a while. battle me.

(Zach Smith) #9

RI? Rhode Island? Naw grrrl. That ain’t me.

In regards to the actual battle and the number of people I don’t know that wanna battle, how about a battle royale? All of us put together a 1:30 video and let people decide in one post? Just some ideas.

(Khent G) #10

Cool man when should the vids be up?


I wish to try, as well. I’ve never battled, but I think I’m decent enough to try.


I’m down

(Zach Smith) #13

Let’s have the videos up by the 5th. PM me your video and I’ll put them all and mine in a thread on the 5th. Sound good?


sounds good

(Zach Smith) #15

Hey, guys, I’m pushing the due date to tomorrow. I’ve been so frakking slammed with work and moving my friend into my apartment, I haven’t had time to make my video.


Thank you…I was at a friends birthday party…couldn’t do it.