Video Battle: Gary Li vs. Zach Smith


Gary Li

Zach Smith

I voted Gary, but it was very close.
Man Zach, I still say our styles are almost identical.



HAHA! I love your sig. I’m with the 10%.

SO Close. But I went with Gary.

Indeed SR. Indeed.
I went with gary.

I half way expected this. Gary’s second combo was INSANE!! :o

Gary, with out a doubt.

Lol, great pose Gary!

This was a vary interesting and awesome battle indeed! Both of the people with identical styles in one battle! so hard to pick just one…I did vote Gary but i think it could have gone either way.

I went for Gary aswell.
You are both very good, but I just liked Gary’s video better.
The intro was kinda funny. I did hate the music, so I turned it off.

Zach Smith’s video seemed to have more work done on the editing, with different camera positions. Sadly it was the switching cameras that was a turn off for me. While I can see why it was done, it just didnt work for me. It ruined the flow of the trick, and made it look like the trick wasn’t done in one go - but was put together by several recordings. I hate to be negative when the video (in my oppinion) had more work done in how it was put together =/

Agreed, I wanted to show a different angle for different parts of the trick, but upon further inspection, it was too much. Crap. :confused:

I voted Gary but you both are very good.

I voted zach’s, no offense to gary the the first half of your video was a waste of time, but the tricks were good ;D

I voted Gary but it was close.

I agree with you on both the poll and the sigy opinion.

gary did a combo that was similar to one that takahiro iizuka did at worlds so he got my vote.

Gary gets my vote, his tricks seemed really well put together and really smooth.

It IS the combo xD

How did you learn it?

gary all the way, the tricks got me on the edge and the pose pushed me off! lol