Jump vs, Zach Smith: 5A Battle

Battle! Decide the victor!



zack your video made me smile

And that’s all that matters! :slight_smile:


Tough choice, But I have to go with Zach, He presented the tricks very well, eventhough there were fewer :wink:

Zach definitly had cooler tricks.

I voted Zach. You have some really epic 5a man :wink:

Gotta go with Zach.


I like how the car stopped moving when you pointed :smiley:

I found this to be very tough… I really like Jump’s tricks… But I love Zachs video… Like If Jump shared his tricks with Zach, and Zach did them all in his video it would be amazing… Like Zach’s video is fun to watch, but besides the amazing tricks, Jumps was a little boring… Just standing there?? Who does that anymore Jump…

Im too split and am not going to vote… Good luck both of you

i like it when zach ran! my vote goes to zach


for fun and enjoyment. zach.

Zach was more entertaining and had cooler tricks in my opinion. Also bonus points for using a d12 as a counterweight. (Thinkin about a d20 myself :smiley: )

Well this is tuff. I definatly think zach’s was more entertaining. I can’t help but wonder what the people in the car were thinking when you did your point. But, I sorta feel jumps tricks were a little more chanlenging. So (and I may be the only one) i’m going to vote for jump. I may not be the best 5a judge in the world but I do belive the point of a yoyo battle is to… nevermind. Good job to you both! And next time don’t make it so hard to choose.

Jump!'s first trick was something else, but then in faded… Zach’s style, fluidity, and hilarity were intact the whole video through. Well done both of you, i have to say Zach.

i vote for me ;D haha mainly because when i was working on my video today i went in to the camera shot by doing a backwards ninja roll, and well… accidentaly landed in a pile of dog poop… haha i was all like ewwwwwwwww! but anyway i say zach cause his tricks are pretty awesome sauce!

by the way, jump what’s that trick you do at about 29 seconds, I believe it’s the second trick, correct me if I’m wrong.

zachs videos are always really good and entertaining. jumps tricks were nice tho, it was a close one but im going to have to say zach.

Jump didn’t even have much of a freestyle and more of just show off a trick and restart, GOOD JOB ZACK!