Video Battle Zach Vs. Jeremy




So yea this is just for fun! Constructive criticism is welcome
Thanks for voting/watching!

  • Jeremy and Zach

(Jesse) #2

First vote, I’ve gotta say Zach.


I vote 4 zach


Both great, but their styles are very different. I liked Zach’s a bit better, no offence Jeremy.

(Jesse) #5

How long will this poll be up?

(Derek) #6

Both great, but i liked zach’s style better.


a week


I liked Zach’s cinimetography much more, but I thought Jeremy’s level of difficulty was higher and his tricks more interesting. I voted Jeremy :] Great stuff both of you!


Gimme a Z!


Gimme an A!


Gimme a C!


Gimme a H!


Oh…okay then…Zach!



Thanks guys, and i don’t blame you for voting for Zach, i would probably vote for Zach too, but i am slightly biased towards myself.


I think jeromy’s tricks flowed better. :wink: so i voted for him!


i have to vote for Jeremy. I just liked the way his tricks flowed better ;D


Zach! He had awesome slack tricks! You both did great!


Zack for having more fun :slight_smile: yeah, Jeremy’s tricks are more difficult.


You two are both vary skilled player. However I’m gonna have to vote for Jeremy. I liked his tricks and how the where fast and flowed. Zach was really close too but it was a hard choice. You both have 12 votes last time I saw. Later.

Keep it spinning™


jeremy becaus it is tha play style that i enjoy! but they’re close!

when i voted they were equal so my vote is de 15th one of jeremy against 14 for zack good luck ! ahah


ZACH is AWESOME!!! no offense Jeremy you did good too but Zach got my vote xD

(Yo!It'sMatt) #19

Very close. But, I choose Zach.

(Shisaki) #20

How the dinkleshnoozen did Zach got a Wooly Marmot??