I'mma callin' you out!

Hay doodz. I wanna battle someone. Any takers?


  • 2 minute
  • 1A
  • Have to use a song from a video game. Remixes and covers are acceptable. XD

can we have no music

I wish I could do this, but I am in a vid battle with another with the same guidelines. I don’t got enough for 2 vids! Haha.

I mean, I guess, but I would feel like less of a nerd if you had a video game song. XD

Really? Game music and all? o.O

ill make a vid i dont have any video game music i have tecno

Ok, thats fine. I’m willing to duke it out with anyone else too!

If I was good enough I wuld :smiley: I would use the kid icarius theme!

i would probably be doing this if i was aloud to make vids and the song that i would use from a video game i cant get it

ill do it when i get a camera

I have video game music covers under my same username on youtube. If anyone wants to use one of my songs for this battle, PM me and I’ll send you an MP3.

I’ll battle! I’m goin to Big Bear for vacation this saturday and I’ll be back on like Tuesday or Wedensday. I’m gonna make a video there, and will have the video up by next Saturday the latest. Allthough I don’t think I have any music from a video game, I have some techno/breakdance music. Or if you wish I could buy some. If you wish I buy some… I have dibs on the Mortal Kombat theme song. :smiley: Sound good? :slight_smile:

-James Reed

i got a track for ya’ll, i’d enter using it but i kinda suck so i am posting up a track for some one to use.

try this on for size

I mean, you don’t have to buy anything, and yeah you can use any electronica, but if you feel compelled to download something, I won’t stop you. XD

Ok, cool, it’s on! I’ll PM you the link to the video when I get it up. :wink:

-James Reed

How about video game inspired music? Like 8-bit?

Sure, but you’ll be the last battle. i can only handle 3.