Zach Gormley's awesome whip

This is an awesome video, and I want to point out the whip Zach does between 0:54 and 0:57.

That wasn’t a whip it was a slack :wink:

looks a bit like Yuuki Slack… Check that trick out

Yea that what i thought when i saw it

Whip, Slack, whatever. And it kinda does look a bit like yuuki slack…idk does anyone know if that trick has a name?

Not that I know of, but it looks like he did it like above his arm for the first slack.

Also, I know this is off subject, but that was some nice editing. :slight_smile:

that was the thing i was talking about. in my topic “what yuuki spencer forgot to do”. shame i wasnt the first to do it.
and you can do it without raising your nth that high…

Yeah it was!

Maybe he wanted it to look more fancy :-\

But I think it wasn’t exactly yuki slack but it was similar


I’ve seen a more recent video of Zach doing that whip/slack/thingy and he Can do it so SMOOOOOTH now.

HA! I finally figured it out :smiley:

A lot of yoyoers, when they are performing just go with the flow and just do the next thing they can think of. I’m not saying all yoyoers do this, but only some. I’m the kind of yoyoer that does this. :wink: