Please Does anyone know what trick this is?

Hiroyuki Suzuki’s tricks are insane to me. i want to know this one trick that he does that i cant seem to find on youtube. it looks really cool but it just kinda happens fast so i cant figure it out. it starts at 00:16 seconds and ends at 00:18 in this video:

This slack/whip thing is so cool. If anyone out there knows how to do this and could give me a name for this trick, a brief text tutorial, or even a link to a video tutorial then that would be great.

i think its slack trapeez :slight_smile:

There is no way it is slack trapeze

this mostly reminds me of the trick called over under slack, there is a tutorial of it on the youtube channel, jayyotutorial

AHA! thanks so much. by telling me this channel i also found another trick that i remember seeing a long time ago but i couldnt find! thanks!