What Yuuki Spencer forgot to do...

i just made up a trick. well more like an addition to a trick (yuuki slack). guess i had it in me after all)
tell me if this has been done before please.
cant make a vid, sorry. but its 2 steps anyway.

  1. this is like the first thing you do in yuuki slack, only counter-clockwise. the only difference is that when you catch the slack, the yo-yo hangs in mid air from your non throwhand.
  2. (this 2nd step is like the last step in yuuki slack, where you return to double or nothing.)
    then you swing the yo-yo clockwise and land it onto the string farthest from you, so you end up in a mutant double or nothing. pinch the string with your non throwhand and swing the whole thing clockwise letting go of the string on your throwhand. and you dont catch anything cause you end up in a trapeze.
  3. profit continue doing yuuki slack.

this is hard as h…oops, cant use that word here.(the place where you burn for your sins and where satan resides) can i say satan here? is it okay?. i spent 2 hours on it and its still not perfect.
i really think this thing is like meant to be there by the god of yoyoing, lol.

i think the poster below is mad cause he’s really yuuki and he really failed at coming up with this thing.

1: Please don’t swear
2: How did you know Yuuki forgot? Maybe he chose not to?
3: It takes MUCH more than 2 hours to perfect a trick.

I am not trying to sound mean but Shisaki is right, don’t swear and that it takes more than two hours to perfect a trick. If it only took you two hours to perfect it then it isn’t as hard as you say it is.

He double hockey sticks (hehe reminds me of 2nd grade) is controversial on this forum, but lets all be clear, he is not from the USA, hes from russia, it may be very different there.
May not be a swear to him.
Anywho, just please dont use it here =)
thanks ;D

Yo, OP, Yukki Spencer pwns you. He didn’t forget one thing in that trick.

he didnt swear

Yeah, Shisaki is Yuuki Spencer. It’s pretty messed up for you to come on here and insult him. Sucks… you now got one of the best professional yoyoers on the planet disliking you.

What a shame.

i wasnt trying to insult anyone. my english isnt as good as i would like it to be.
PS. i deleted the H word. everyone can relax now, and say smth ON topic maybe for a change.

Alright, but maybe to get on his good, side, apologize to Yuuki.

well its not really a swear, in fact it is extremely common in the US so dont feel bad, but it is not polite on the forum :wink:

It’s really funny how you say you didn’t try to insult anyone yet you just insulted me. And even if I really was Yuuki what gives YOU the right to insult a PRO? He worked hard to become a pro and now you act all that by saying “Oh I created a variation of Yuuki Slack, I’m better than him because I made it up and he didn’t”. Whoop-di-do, you made a variation, want a cookie? If Yuuki Slack wasnt made you wouldn’t have a variation would you?

This kinda seems like it deserves the word pwn.

That variation seems like it could be alright. I wouldn’t know until i see it though. If you can get a video up it would help us see what you mean in your description.

I think everyone needs to take it down a notch.
Idiffer, i do see a little sarcasm in your post which isnt needed though. not helping your case.
He was obviously joking when he said he was better, lets indeed stay on topic, now that the whole swearing word is over with.
-I like the Variation, and i think it is worth trying out.

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Thank you for helping calm this down. =)

Yes, stephen_cam, thank you.  I didn’t want another problem like the maverick spin time thread. (http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,9216.0.html)  :-\

I’d bet my lunch yukki could show you some variations of his slack trick that would give you NIGHTMARES.

Lol… :slight_smile:

weren’t you listening? no more flaming!

what’s wrong with what I said? It’s the truth and I’d say it again. You can call it “flaming” but you know that’s the facts. Just take a deep breath. There you go :wink:

i never said it wasn’t fact but you don’t have to be a dick about it