YYR + yyf for sale

-2 small scuff
-pics on request
-no vibe
-purple acid wash

Sleipner offer
-have box
-one small scratch… not really visible
-smooth as heck

Fury Offer-No vibe
-Have direction/the pouch

If you decide to accept any other trade, PM me.

i will do 30-35 for i

fury is prob. pending…

i will trade a pgm cleaned bearing with a journey for the protostar

pic please

Ive got some irons for sale, pm me if your still looking to trade. Not callaways though, waay overrated.

oops I didn’t see that :wink:
Sorry but I already bought callaway x20. I wanted Callaway since it is easy to sell it later and it is very forgiving. Im just starting out :wink:

rly need these gone