YYR Plastic?

Check this out:



When is it dropping?


I think I’ll bump this. Everyone needs to see this.

Smart move. Most people can’t afford higher then high end throws. I can see this going for $66-80 depending on the guts and if it turns out to be a delrin or bi-metal. Or bi-delrin :o

The Yoyoskills post says it’s around $40. I’m excited for this because I don’t think I’ve seen a plastic with an h-shape like that before.

Thats pretty awesome. Still expensive though, for a plastic :-\

Looks pretty cool! Does anyone know when it drops?

That looks awesome! I love the shape and it just looks like an amazing plastic.

I heard 30$, and it’s plastic, not bi-anything. I expect some kind of celcon, definitely not delrin.

Delrin very rarely comes in anything other than white. The only throw I can think of where this isn’t the case is the injection molded kamui.
This looks like polycarbonate.

I heard that some companies from China are getting their hands on COLOURED DELRIN …
btw Yeah never see any YYR pure plastic throws before. This is really something new.

Not to be a hater against Yoyorecreation but…

You want to fork over 30 dollars for a yoyo that looks like a lynfury?

This thing isn’t bi-metal and from what I have heard does not even have metal weight rings like the protostar/northstar.

I can’t believe how bad people with their money.

I wouldn’t raise a point if it was delrin, but this? Come on.


It doesn’t really have the same shape as a lyn. And the lyn is also celcon as opposed to polycarbonate. Plus it’s heavier and bigger. I’m sure you were just using that as an example of an inexpensive plastic, but still. Not trying to sound like a yyr fanboy, but they do make nice products.
Plus $30-40 isn’t even that unreasonable for what looks like a good plastic. I’m sure you would pay $100+ for a metal, when there are similar for under $60.

Of course the YYR Diffusion cannot have metal rims. YoYoJam has a patent for that so if they make it like so, they can’t sell it to the US, a possible selling area to those who want a YYR.

Yeah, it’s over 30 bucks for a plastic throw…but considering how expensive YYR metals are [blame the weak dollar and other factors], this is still quite a steal.
Plus, $38 isn’t that all too bad for any yoyo anyway. Even a broke college student like me can afford it…and I’m hella stingy with my money.

Hmmm Zammy raises a good point though…what if this turns out to be a pure hyped throw? I mean I can already imagine the BST being full of them if they don’t have “YYR smoothness” and play like a proto/north or chaser.

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I agree! Im not going to get one, but probably just wait for them to go on the BST so heavy they are selling for like $10 or $15

Never mind the fact that the guy in the video can do what he did in the video on a lyn fury – or a YYF One for that matter. $13 magicyoyo T5.