YYR Messiah vs Format: C

This is really a tough choice for me. The format c is by far the best yoyo I’ve handled. I got a yyr butcher and it feels … weird in my hand . Don’t like the feel of it too much. Performance wise, does the messiah perform better? because I might trade my format c for it.

If you’re asking which one’s better performing, probably the Format:C. If you’re asking which one you will like more, nobody can tell you that :stuck_out_tongue:

You may like the play of the Format:C better, but I doubt that it’s better performing then the Butcher.

The Format C can spin for like 3 minutes easy. The butcher can barely spin for a minute :frowning: I even try cleaning the bearing seat and what not but still the same :frowning:

This should not be the case, the butcher should spin way longer than that.

I just got 7 minutes on my Butcher

I can get more then 1 minute on a YYF ONE :stuck_out_tongue:

what how :frowning:

You’d be hard pressed to find more different yoyos… Also the Mr. Butcher is well known for being the YYR most UNlike other YYR’s so don’t use that as a baseline.

If the Format C is the best yoyo you’ve used then keep it. I can tell you that the Messiah is a great undersized yoyo, one of the best. However, unless you’re keen on getting an undersized yoyo I wouldn’t trade.

This is true. The Messiah is great but it is undersized and on the solid side. I love it but it isn’t exactly comparable to the Format C. Personally I’d go Messiah, but that shouldn’t mean much to you and your choice.