YYR Laser Stainless Steel Bimetal? If not what are the rings made of?


I highly doubt that it’s 7075 with a higher grade 7075, that is exactly what they said about the Draupnir and it turned out to be stainless steel.

There are throws w 7075 weight rings on a 6061 body like the Berserker and possibly the Anglam CC (old one i think is just 7075 rings-)

Interested in the laser but you hear way more hype about the Draupnir.

Does anyone know if its stainless steel rings? I have never heard of 2 diff types of 7075 aluminum and that would be kinda rediculous to make weight rings out of the same material right?

I think it’s steel but can anyone confirm this?


anyone? =)


They’re steel.



If it’s yoyorec I’d try directing it at the appreciation thread since they’re faster to respond there

I actually believe anodized lasers are supposed to drop soon


The laser does not have rings like the Draupnir. The Laser is a 7075 body, with a stainless steel inner-cup. It too; is beast.


It is not an entire steel cup. It has inner rings like the Protostar or Rally rings.


Okay thank you! I was going to try the YYR thread, just thought of that hahaha.

Thanks for confirming my hunch… a “different grade of 7075” seems pretty bogus to me! =)


Do you have one? I definitely think it’s the entire cup. If not the seam between the hub-area and inner rim is perfection.


Looking from pictures the inner rim looks like its a different colour than the cup.


As someone who knows way too much about Aluminum alloys; I want to put a mis-conception to rest. 7075-Aluminum alloy comes in a number of different grades. Unlike different alloys of aluminum, different grades of 7075 refer to the hardness of the metal, not the chemical composition. This hardness is achieved by using a specific heat, for a specific time. Therefore, different grades of 7075 do not have varying densities - just varying hardness. A yo-yo made out of different grades of 7075 would perform no differently than a solid, single grade 7075 yo-yo of the same shape and weight. The only difference would be resistance to damage.

Please, no more talk of “different grades of 7075” being used to create a bi-metal yo-yo. It just does not make sense.

Sorry for the rant… :-[


I looked at the pictures again, it for sure is just a ring.


YYR is as close to perfection as we have right now.
I mean, look at the outer seam at the rim of the yoyo, you can already barely even tell the difference. It would be even more difficult to make out the inner seam due to the angle those pictures were taken at. I’m pretty sure they designed it so that the inner seam would be facing inwards towards the center of the yoyo as to blend in as much as they could.


Do you own one? Have you seen one in person? Pictures don’t tell the full story. I say this as one of the first people in the US to get a Laser.


Look at the cup, its the same colour as the body, but a different colour than the rim.


Do you actually possess A Laser? If not, then looking at pictures is not going to be definitive.

I broke-out the big magnifier and yes - there is a small seam just where the inner “ring” meets the cup. This is not the whole story, however. While the inner “ring” and the cup appear to be separate machined pieces, they do appear to be made of the same material as each other, while the shell is clearly Aluminum - which I think is NOT 7075.

My Take: The outer shell is 2000 series aluminum with a stainless steel inner-ring and cup. I base this on “taste”. Aluminum is tasteless; it creates no sensation on the tongue whatsoever. Stainless, however, creates a slight tingling due to the properties of the metal. The inner ring and the cup both “taste” the same, but differently than the outer shell.

So, Where the ring and cup meets, is very thin. I think they could not make the inner cup in one-piece because the seam area would be too delicate. Therefore, they machined the inner-cup in two pieces. The difference in color that people are seeing is due to the machine-marks and the different angle that they are being seen at.

If I am right, this makes the Laser quite complicated to make.

**** On a side note - while I was looking at my Laser with the big magnifier, I noticed that the outer-shell of my raw Laser is showing some slight oxidation and galling. This is not something I have seen before. I looks as if there is some surface pitting on the outer-rims that is very small and hard to see - definitely not something you can feel. I wonder if this is a 2000 - series aluminum since I have not seen this on 6061 or 7075. Anyone else see this on their Laser?


I guess we will we when the anodised Lasers come out.


There has been a 2017 aluminum Sleipnir so that could be a possibility.
Not sure if the method of machining and assembly would be cost-efficient if it was how you described it. It costs $193 on YYR’s site compared to the Draupnir which costs $232. As we are all aware, the Draupnir is just a 7075 body with steel rims, so that leads me to believe that the Laser is a little bit simpler than 6 separate parts for just the body of the yoyo.

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If you want, I can try to ask Kengo next week and give you answer, it will end your random guessing.


I took some pictures of the damage I was referring to earlier. The first picture is a better lit view of the cup. As you can see, in direct light, the parts appear to be the same material. The second picture shows the pitting I am referring to more clearly. I do not see this pitting on the inner-cup (just dirt, sorry).






If you see Kengo,let him know about this. While it does not affect play, for a collector I think it is a serious issue. Hopefully anodizing will fix the problem. But mine did not look like this before :frowning:


Ano’d Lasers are out