Yyr ds platinum 8 ball?

so because the regular yyr ds bearings are 10 ball, i ordered the platinum one expecting the same, but they’re 8 ball bearings? which are supposed to be worse than 10 ball? so whats up with that? did they used to be 10 ball? have they always been 8 ball and yyr has just never decided to state that the ones manufactured by NSK micro are 8 ball while the regular ones are 10 ball? very confused about all of this…

plats and golds i want to say have always been 8. And 8 does not mean worse. The differences are marginal at best and I doubt anyone could tell in a double blind test any difference between a 8 or 10 ball bearing.

Their plats and gold are some of the smoothest bearings ive used, and my basis of comparison for most other bearings. I prefer the plats as the golds wear down, but the golds are smoother than any of them.

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For what it’s worth… more balls in a ball bearing doesn’t necessarily mean “better”. More balls in the bearing means more friction which means loss of spin time. The spin time lost is probably negligible for what we are using them for but if if all things are equal I think 8 is better than 10. I’m sure there are cases where a 10 ball bearing is just of higher quality than an 8 ball though.