YYR Draupnir

I am thinking of getting a Draupnir. Is it worth the $250?

Is a Lamborghini worth the money?

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My philosophy is that in the past I have bought multiple bi-metals which are okay but not amazing. It was when I bought the Draupnir that I realised how good it was.

Is not a way to justify the Draupnir. Buying a Lamborghini is like buying a titanium throw but without the durability.
Ultimately I say either have 4 good throws or 1 amazing throw. The choice is yours, but had I been told that buying 1 amazing throw would be better would have saved me a lot of money. ;D
In the end after buying 2 2016 Superstars, 2 Pulsefires, a Weekend, an Igloo, 2 Teleports and many others I ended up with the Draupnir.
Just my opinion.

I guess it really is that good and worth the money!! Alrighty then :grin: thanks guys! Time to save up

A good alternative to the Draupnir is the Krown St. It plays very fast and very stable, with just a bit more heft.