Draupnir VS Palpitation

Curious to see which one people think is “better”

Lamborghini is better than a pack of 12 Doges, but I prefer flowable silicone to mineral spirit when it comes to deep sea trolling with Billybobs.

They’re both incredible. I owned a Draupnir, sold it and missed it so much I bought another. I bought 2 Palpitations and traded both and don’t regret it. For me, the Draupnir is a better yoyo right now.

same here, tighter between Draupnir and Berserker SS or Isotope 2 than Palpitation

Iso 2> Palp?

I honestly prefer the Electric Bacon colorway Bi-Metal DM2

imo yes

Eagle eye>Negator
stop trying to compare unrelated things

How ignorant
KFC>McDonalds any day for seafood

I have the draupnir and love it.