YYR Diffusion tuning - pulsing vibe, etc

So I really like the YYR Diffusion but one that I have has a pulsing vibe that I’d like to get rid of. Before I possibly screw up a decent yoyo by meddling with it, I figured I’d ask…

Has anyone tuned a YYR Diffusion successfully?

I haven’t taken it apart yet and it appears that the axle might be glued in place somehow. My thought is that I could re-set it if it can come apart without breaking it permanently.

The vibe on my diffusion was reduced from a pulsating vibe to a slightly less severe constant vibe with the use of a twisted trifecta bearing. I also tighted it to the max, and slowly unscrewed by small incriments until the yoyo was as smooth as its ever been. (Which is stilla fairly stong constant vibe, but its not as bad as a very strong pulsating vibe)

I have had two. Both not perfect. Loosen and tighten if that doesn’t work (did this on my first) understand the stickers is the screw. After removing the sticker you can tune it like a Whip or OD Project. Although this may ruin your sticker.