yyj unleashed or yomega the raider ex or others?


i am aboutbto start playing with two handed loops

But i’m wondering, what should i get? 2 yyj unleasheds or 2 yomega the raider ex? or i should get other?

Best regards


i’d go with unleashed but it’s all preference


My set of Unleashed’s both had a nasty habit of their gaps making themselves looooooose with play. I’m going to wait for Loop360 to start trying to get back into 2A/looping play.


I really like the dincan speed beetle’s. They just have a different feel then others and are really cheap


I have Loop720’s, Raider EX’s and Duncan Pulse pairs. I also have 4 Unleashed.

I prefer the Unleashed. I’m debating getting a pair of Loop 900’s and the Loop 808’s and Loop 360’s.


i used loop 720s, 900s, sunsets, kamaitachis, raiders, fireballs, speed beetles, unleashed, and relics, but to this day i still find modded fireballs to be the best