YYJ Unleashed maintenance help


If someone has already asked, please direct me to that thread. I have no time to look around so this will do.

Anyways, I am learning 2A, as you may already know. My daily 2A pairs are my Raiders and I know how to maintain that very well. However, I also have a pair of Unleashed that I want to play with. But I have no idea how to do some maintenance on a different yoyo.

The axles are different [so I can’t just put lube on the axle like I do on Raider axles] and the lack of spacer system doesn’t give me anything to mess with.
YYJ said that the gap is adjustable but HOW?

How do you maintain your Unleashed to keep it working to your preferences? Any suggestions?


The Unleashed has an adjustable gap. I find 2 drops of thick lube in the bearing, then twist the yoyo all the way together, then throw a regular 2A throw for you until it just sleeps. Loosen a little, re-throw, try again until you find that spot where the yoyo just barely sleeps. So, just twist to adjust the gap. It has a range where it’s stiff, that’s your adjustable zone.


I usually find its tightest setting [on both hands] my spot for now. I also have pretty short string.
Hmm, I see I see. I never found out where the adjustable zone is. I was afraid that it’d either get tighter or looser once I actually play with the yoyo.


I doubt it will twist much at all while you’re playing, as long as you’re not opening/closing them all the time. I open my loopers once in a blue moon and they never shift. If it does start to twist during play, Loctite will cure that.