yyj unleashed adjustable gap

Hey guys I was wondering how the adjustable gap on the yyj unleashed works, I just got a pair of them and to me it doesn’t look like there’s any way to adjust it other than unscrewing it a little, which I don’t like doing because I don’t want it to fall apart while I’m looping. Right now It’s too responsive for my taste, It only wants to sleep if it’s thrown just right and around the worlds just want to come flying back at me.

Just unscrew it a little. Like, a 20th of a turn and see, then repeat until you get the desired responsiveness. It won’t take much.

the adjustment system for unleashed is simply by twisting it. if you find that it loosens too much during play, what you can do instead is use CA glue (loctite). just put a little on the screw let it dry then screw it in. it will make the threads tighter so that it won’t move during play. *let it dry before screwing it in! :smiley:

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ah okay thanks guys, I just have this nagging suspicion that it’s gonna fall apart if it’s not completely tightened all the way, but I’ve been playing with them a little loosened and that seems to do the trick. I’ll just have to fight the urge to tighten them.