Question: Adjustable Gaps?


Hey, me again with another somewhat newbish question…
What is meant when it is said that a yo-yo has an “adjustable string gap”? I noticed from online specs that my own yo-yo (YoYoJam KickSide) has an adjustable gap, and sadly enough I have no idea what that means! I know it is possible to coarsely adjust the gap of any yo-yo by just unscrewing it or tightening it a little, but if that is what is meant, why aren’t all screw-apart yo-yos considered adjustable gap?

(Jesse) #2

Some yo-yos, like my M1, don’t have an adjustable gap. As soon as I start to unscrew it there is a gap between the bearing and bearing seat.

(Mikey) #3

same with my dv888, you can’t unscrew it or it will just fall apart


It is a little more strenth where the axle meets the yoyo, so it doesn’t unscrew as soon as it is unscrewed a little bit. There is also a place where the bearing can go into the yoyo so there isn’t a gap between the bearing seat and the bearing if it is unscrewed a little bit.


Cause once the cap reaches a certain point it can stay on the axle when you throw it then after that point you just keep making it more and more responsive then it just stops.


So pretty much, “adjustable gap” means (1) the yo-yo will not fall apart or feel “loose” if partially unscrewed, and (2) the yo-yo can be unscrewed to a certain extent without any gap appearing between the bearing and the yo-yo body. Is this correct?


Pretty much :slight_smile: