What is the response for legacy? Is it hybrid? can i put o-rings inside? Sorry for the bombardment of questions ;D

it is silicone which makes it totally unresponsive

Its silicone sticker, it isnt hybrid, and you can put o-rings inside to make it more responsive.

i read somewhere that you can but they fall out sometimes

thanks for the help but i have 1 more question; is it adjustable?

It’s actually a silicone o-ring, and you can put a regular o-ring in there if you so choose.

It has a fixed gap, not adjustable.

Hey Brian, What is the difference between Fixed Gap & Adjustable Gap?

Fixed Gap is where the yo-yo is only spinning while the bearing is just doing nothing, am i right?
How bout adjustable?

no fixed gap means that you can not turn the yoyo unresponsive and responsive just by tightening or lossening the gap.
And Adjustable like dark magics and other can turn unresponsive or responsive depending on how much you tighten it.
If im Wrong someone correct mee

so… more maintenance?

Yeah, you basically have it right. Fixed gaps like most of the high end metals can only be tightened or not. When you screw it together, it will suddenly stop and not be able to tighten any more. If you have it any loser, it will come apart when you throw it.

Adjustable gaps, however, will get tight after a little bit of screwing, but not tight enough that it won
t screw together anymore. This can keep the gap bigger or smaller, depending on your use for it at that time, and depending whether or not you know binding or something else. It will still tighten to the point that it won’t turn any more and the gap is as small as it can be.

slicone sticker witch is totaly unrespoceve it was my fist yoyo.

Those of you who said O-Rings can fit in the Legacy are incorrect. They cannot, and even shaving them down will not have them fit.