Planning to get the YYJ Unleashed

I kind of interested on starting playing 2A,my 1st choice would be the YYJ Unleashed because it has solid body but I have few questions in mind that needs answers,kindly answer these questions by number.

  1. Does the stock bearing that comes with is stainless?Because I dont want to make hassle for myself looking for stainless bearing (in our country) just to replace those stock bearings “if” they aren’t stainless.

  2. Does the adjustable gap features remain intact and reliable even if you’re using it for a long time?Because I don’t want something that gives me an “option” of adjustable gap but then afterwards it starts to split apart while playing with it.

  3. What are the advisable polyester string for 2A,is it tight tension,average tension,a bit loose tension?

First of all I’ve never own one so probably not too accurate, I’ll say this based on someone else’s that I tried.

  1. The bearing should be okay as long as it’s maintained properly, not sure if it’s stainless but the yoyo I tried was already worn out and the owner doesn’t seem to have changed the bearing.
  2. Unfortunately not reliable as far as I know, it became loose over time.
  3. The weight is good. The thing with 2a yoyos, is that with wider gap the yoyo feels somewhat heavier, and with narrower gap the yoyo feels somewhat lighter. You can also try using longer strings if it’s too heavy. For me, it’s good.

What if I tend to use it to the narrowest gap (not fully narrow) so that it won’t loose?is it still the same?I don’t have plans to keep on adjusting the gap anyway,its just for 2A not for basic single hand tricks.

  1. Don’t know, haven’t had a problem with mine yet. They’re stored indoors and all wound up.

  2. I think you will find that the gap will hold very firmly if you’re not constantly disassembling and adjusting the gap. Mine are very tight, tighter than my Sunset Trajectories which work the same way. I’m confident enough to kick-start mine, something I would never do with my Raider EXs or 1080s.

I would think you would only change the gap when you change string types. I haven’t done it in many months. Also, I have never taken mine apart, but even if you like the bearings lubed I can’t imagine it would be too often.

Either way, the remedy would be very easy if it got looser. A little blue Loctite on the threads or worst case, new axles.

  1. Don’t know, I use type 8 50/50 from Spintastics.

Good choice on the Unleashed. They’re indestructible, smooth, and super easy to adjust.

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Thanks a lot!I appreciate the feedback. I’m getting the unleashed soon,its currently out of stock in our local store here. :smiley: