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Style Looping Trick (2A)
Weight (g) 54.6/ 1.93 oz.
Diameter (mm) 58.15/ 2.29 in.
Width (mm) 35.55/ 1.40 in.
Gap Width: Adjustable
Axle: Fixed
Bearing: Size B (YYJ Small) 6.3x9.49x3.14
Response: Raised Starburst/ Tug Return
Body Material Plastic (Polycarbonate/ABS/PS)
Maintenance Oil/Lube bearing
Release Year 2011
Designed In USA
Made In USA
Signature Joseph Harris

Appearance: This yoyo has a narrow profile a lot like the Duncan Proyo loopers which I have always thought make great loopers, however the convex caps on the sides give it a subtle round look. On it’s side it looks like a mini sports arena with the floating dome on top hehe. You can take these caps off with suction cups to put in whatever type design you want in it.
Overall though, it’s a very streamlined, and simple design which I find pleasing to the eye.

Play/ Feel: I like how this yoyo feels in the hand. I don’t like the molded lines that the yoyo has on the wings but it is of no consequence during play. This yoyo has very precise gap adjustment. I usually play with the tightest setting for my loops and get excellent response. The Gap can be adjusted fairly wide, enough to have decent spin time for a looper and even throw a trapeze if you want to. What I like about its gap adjustment is how precise and controlled it is. No matter where you set it, it stays there until you decide to adjust it again.

The Star Burst response had me a bit concerned because in the past I’ve seen these stars eat string, however with the Unleashed, there are no worries about this thanks to its raised starburst design. Just your normal wear. I’m currently using Black Cotton looping string with it as I like how it contrasts with the white polycarbonate. But they do recommend you to use 50/50 Poly/Cotton string for it.

The overall looping capacity for the Unleashed is excellent. I find it blows the Speed Beetle out of the Water. I like the Speed Beetle but find it too vibey, whereas the Unleashed has more stability and smoothness, which makes it a great choice for two handed play. It’s fast and just glides through the air effortlessly!

The returns with the Unleashed though, come back a bit hard. They gave it the right name alright… it feels like your unleashing a lot of throw power every time! It’s narrow form really packs a punch coming back. But I can fore go this just because it really holds its position during loop play and makes you look pretty awesome.

Conclusion: There are so many loopers out there with bearings and fixed axles and wood axles etc… that it all kind of comes down to how you like the feel of it. From my experience, I consider the Unleashed to be an excellent choice if you love looping. It doesn’t chew your string, it’s quiet, it’s fast, it has excellent response with precise gap adjustment and looks cool. It’s a real winner!

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Sweet! I just ordered mine 10 minutes before your review

Very good Swatnoodle! I’m sure you’ll love it. What color? Thx for the post!

red and blue. I’m gonna learn my looping on them. Pretty excited

2 handed play eh?? Sounds great! I am practicing with my left hand to see if I can do it also, but I have to admit that it feels rather awkward.


yeah, I started with these raiders I got from an awesome friend, and now I am addicted. Glad the unleashed is cool. If you gave it a bad review I would have cried cuz I literaaly bought them 10 minutes before you posted

YES LOOPING is addictive hehe, just make sure no one’s around you hehe. I haven’t tried any Yomega product as of yet but I have heard some good things about the Raiders.

what i really liked about unleashed over loop900 is the solid feel. unleashed does not unscrew itself when you are playing unlike loop900. considering that the loop900 has a spacer then a bearing … there is a lot of parts to lose if it unscrews during play specially outside. unleashed has none of those. plus the raised starburst allows for a decent sleep time even on its’ tightest gap.

Only first run loop 900s do that.

Hi and thanks for the informative post. I am kind of turned off by the loop 900’s use of a tuning key, especially if you lose the key!

the unleashed comes back a littler harder probably because it’s slightly heavier than say a loop 900 i would love to give these a try but im stuck between this and the loop 900s :confused:

Yes, depending on which loop 900 u get, the Unleashed is between 4 to 5 grams heavier I think. Thank God they don’t make 67 gram loopers!

i have shaqler edition and it unscrews …

Awsome review Thanks for that.

Has Anybody compared these with the Sunset Trajectory NXG or Relic?

I have a pair of relics as my main loopers but have been considering trying the Unleashed.


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Thanks for the props and thanks for reading!

I have the Dif-e-yo Blind Orbiter

The Orbiter has a 4 O-ring weight system that allows 4 different weight settings.
O-Ring System weight Chart-
4 O-Rings 71 Grams
2 (large) outer O-Rings 66.5 Grams
2 (small) inner O-Rings 64 Grams
without O-Rings 59.5 Grams

This is made as a looper, I keep mine at the 2 large rings setting.


that is a weapon not a looper! :smiley:

It sure feels like it at times. still fun though. ;D


Yes I recall hearing of that metal looper now. Wow, that is heavy with the weight rings. I’d be kinda apprehensive about throwing it. How does it feel on the return???

I tried one out at worlds. They’re not very good for looping. Atleast I didn’t think so.
I’ll stick with my 900s.