YoYoJam Unleashed issue?

Hey Yo-Yo peeps,

I just bought a pair of yellow unleashed. One of them tightens more then the other. By that, I mean one of them is a lot more responsive. One of them doesn’t let the Yo-Yo sleep at all, and comes up like a fixed axle, while the other one, even when tightened to the most, still has the capability to sleep for a few seconds. It’s annoying, as I just started looping. Any ways to solve this?

I doubt you can answer this. Did you have a red and blue pair a few months ago? But, back to what you have now:

Did you buy them at the same time? I’m just wondering if they come from different batches, hence the potential for inconsistency.I just find it odd that you’re having this kind of inconsistency.

About the only thing I can suggest is that maybe cleaning the bearings might help? Getting the bearing clean and the using lube to “taste” might be the way to go. But short of that, before you clean the bearings, give them a spin and see what kind of time you’re getting. Swap the bearings to see if the problem follows the yoyo or the bearing.

It ain’t perfect, but it’s all I can think of right now.

I don’t think mine are like that but I would just try tuning the tightness of both and get them close.

I had the same problem. Yoshi from YYJ told me to take a small amount of supper glue (not even a drop) on the end of a toothpick and rub onto the threads of the female end. let them dry and srew back together, works like brand new. I just bought a new pair from a recent batch and I have not had this problem yet. It seems like older versions of them had the unscrewing problem.

This might be a necro, but sharing useful information is always preferred.

Thank you. I hope the original poster sees this and can find it useful.