YYJ Trinity Review
Diameter: 55.86 mm
Width: 40.17mm
69.3 grams

First Throw:
From the first throw I noticed the Trinity was REALLY heavy. It is the Heaviest out of both the Dark magic and the Legacy. I threw it for a couple minutes and didn’t really like this amount of weight, I had always thought the legacy was fairly heavy but the Trinity brought weight to a whole new level.
Similar to the legacy, the Trinity’s weight is not just on the rim but throughout the body of the yoyo, because of this the yoyo had very limited sleep times and died out on me on several occasions. I was displeased at this aspect of the yoyo however I continued to test it.
Its response system, was really snaggy, if you are doing a really fast brain twister combo or anything speedy at all it will 1 out of 3 times snag and die. This is the thing I hate most about this yoyo, however it could just be the response, don’t know what happens if I change it, however changing responses on the newer YYJ’s haven’t helped me before I guess because the groves in which the pads lie are really deep.
Although it is really heavy it is not Dead smooth, you can’t feel anything on the string, however when you go to grind the yoyo you can feel that it has a natural vibe. Also the finish on the yoyo is metallic and fairly sticky, which doesn’t make this yoyo grindable. Also Thumb grinds, I usually Thumb grind on the most inner ring of the yoyo however with the trinity when I try to do this it wears down the Anodisation and leaves scratches of the inner ring.
The Final Type of trick I like to do is horizontal. I consider myself a somewhat experienced horizontal player, so when I say this yoyo is not for horizontal, its most likely not good for horizontal. The weight drags it down and makes it limited spin time even lower, its angle does not stay in place and the yoyo is fighting against you instead aiding you, and its shape although somewhat flared out is not IDEAL for horizontal play.

After a few weeks:
Initially I did not like this yoyo at all; however after a while it grew on me. I realized that even though the yoyo was not dead smooth, because of its weight it was Dead Stable, it rarely tilted and was forgiving in awkward lands that would cause other yoyos to become Tilted. So it makes the trinity ideal for landing trapezes on arms and tricks that involve you to move the body, these tricks can tilt all my yoyos however the Trinity will sit there and barely move.
In conclusion I would not recommend this yoyo. As much as LOVE YOYOJAM YOYO’s this yoyo was not for me, its price is affordable however if I were to chose again I would have chosen a different yoyo.
If you enjoy yoyos heavy yoyo’s that are stable and are great for just normal tech, go ahead and buy it.
However if you’re a relatively fast player, that throws horizontally frequently and enjoys floaty metals, you’re better off not getting this.

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