YoYoJam - Trinity | YoYoSkills.com Review

About year ago, I came to the conclusion that what YoYoJam needs is more single element metal yoyos. When YoYoJam announced the Trinity would be an addition to the single element metal line, I was overjoyed. YoYoJam has great plastic and metal/plastic hybrid lines, and has a very premium line of bi-metal designs, but not many single element metal products. I personally thought that YoYoJam’s other single element metal yo-yos, the Axiom and Meteor, were pretty good just but failed to catch on in the community. Almost two years ago, YoYoJam released the well received Legacy as a full plastic successor to the modern classic Dark Magic. This year, YoYoJam has taken the Dark Magic and Legacy shape and turned it into a single element metal. This third independent release of Andre Bouley’s classic Dark Magic design is the YoYoJam Trinity.

Trinity Review by YoYoSkills.com

I thought the same, that it would feel heavy, but it was kinda floaty. Great review.

Another great review and I’m glad the trinity lived up to the hype

Nice review. Sounds like a winner, and I agree with your single element metal discussion.

You say it doesn’t feel like a 70 gram yoyo in play. How does it feel in play compared to the Legacy? The Legacy always feels a bit heavy to me.