YoYoJam - Trinity | YoYoSkills.com Review

(Chris Allen) #1

About year ago, I came to the conclusion that what YoYoJam needs is more single element metal yoyos. When YoYoJam announced the Trinity would be an addition to the single element metal line, I was overjoyed. YoYoJam has great plastic and metal/plastic hybrid lines, and has a very premium line of bi-metal designs, but not many single element metal products. I personally thought that YoYoJam’s other single element metal yo-yos, the Axiom and Meteor, were pretty good just but failed to catch on in the community. Almost two years ago, YoYoJam released the well received Legacy as a full plastic successor to the modern classic Dark Magic. This year, YoYoJam has taken the Dark Magic and Legacy shape and turned it into a single element metal. This third independent release of Andre Bouley’s classic Dark Magic design is the YoYoJam Trinity.

Trinity Review by YoYoSkills.com

(Matty#14) #2

I thought the same, that it would feel heavy, but it was kinda floaty. Great review.

(laxdude99) #3

Another great review and I’m glad the trinity lived up to the hype


Nice review. Sounds like a winner, and I agree with your single element metal discussion.

You say it doesn’t feel like a 70 gram yoyo in play. How does it feel in play compared to the Legacy? The Legacy always feels a bit heavy to me.