YYJ Sirius!

(Connor) #1

Ok, so I got my YoYoJam Sirius in the mail yesterday and havent played a single other yoyo since then.  :smiley: . I feel that I have played the yoyo enough to write a decent review on it.

Ok im going to try to make this review based of Mitchells “how to write a review” guide. So here goes…lets see whats first. Ah ok.

The YoYoJam Sirius is Nathan Crissey’s Signature yoyo. As you can tell it is made by YoYoJam, im thinking the YoYoJam Sirius was made around 2004 or 2005 considering thats when Nathan joined the team. Im not quite sure what it has been used to win but um…well…yeah. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Sirius is pretty average weight, not too heavy, not too light. It weighs 67.10 grams. Despite that it weighs what it does it feels rather light in your hand and on the string. It has a butterfly/wing shape like most YYJ’s do. The width is 40.44, but it actually feels wider than that, as for the Diameter its 55.96. It has an adjustable gap along with double O-ring response. Mine however was siliconed, i recieved it in a trade. I have the Original O-rings but I dont want to rip out the silicone to put in the O-rings, ill just wait till the silicone wears out.

Alright now for the Pros and Cons.


Fits in you hand nicely, Silent, seems to spin FOREVER, and is nice and smooth. Almost as smooth as an 888.

It can be a bit snaggy and grabby at times, Its not the fastest yoyo if you get what im sayin’ , mine has a VERY VERY small vibe for some reason but nothing that effects play.

Other than those three i cant really say anything bad about it.

Now to compare it I will be comparing it to an M1. The M1 is significantly not as wide as the Sirius, as you can see in this picture.

Now the M1’s Diameter is also A bit smaller than the Sirius’s as you will see in this picture.

Overall the Sirius is a rather large yoyo compared to the M1, as you will see in yet another picture

When I first got the Sirius, i was excited by it. I could see my reflection in it, it was so shiny and smooth. YoYoJam is not selling the Sirius anymore, this may be temporarily or it may be indefinate. I emailed YoYoJam and Valerie said that some damage was done the mold and she did not know if it would be fixed or when it would be fixed. I also talked to Andre about it and he also said pretty much the same thing. But if they do start production up again I would highly suggest getting a YoYoJam Sirius. Its a great throw!

I will now do several scales to sum it up.

1A: 8.8/10. If it werent grabby at all i would boost it to a 9.5.

2A: do I really even have to tell you?

3A: 5/10 I tried it with my Dark Magic, it fairs ok.

4A: 3.5 Too unresponsive for 4A in my opinion

5A: 6/10 I though it was a little large for 5A

Grinding: 7:10. Thumb and Palm Grinds are a bit tricky because of the slight vibe but arm grinds are fine.

I’d give it an overall score of 9/10. Its a great yoyo and if you get the opportunity to play one or buy one then DO IT! :wink:

This was my second review so I hope i did better than my first!

(JonasK) #2

Nice review. They look coll, but they must be hard to get.


Great review!

How much did you pay for it?


He traded his Jamboo for it.

(Mark) #5

Thats a fair trade in my opinion.

(Connor) #6

Actually I traded my Jamboo for a Sirius and 20 G-strings!!! ;D

(Jei Cheetah) #7

I had a Sirius.

It was a nice yoyo but had a slight vibe.

Just wanted to point out that the Sirius released in 05.

It was the first yoyojam to have almost all metal but with the plastic center.

The Night Moves 4 had this later on.

Infact, comparing the two, they look a bit similliar.


Nice review,I was going to buy one but YYN was out of stock.lol


Sirius was released holiday season 05. I believe I got the prototype just before Thanksgiving and they were in stores by mid-December. I’ve been on the team since February of 04.

If anyone’s used it to win anything it was probably Martin Tomanik.

(D@§h!zn!t) #10

Arg, I want a Sirius.  :-[