yyj silicone pads

so YYE ran out of pads for YYJ and i was going to pick up a classic and upgrade it. what other pads fit in the classic that are available here?

I believe the 19 mm silicone response pads will work for the Classic.

Available here:

Any of the 19mm size c pads should fit. YYF pads, K-Pads (which are pretty much repackaged YYF pads), 19mm irPads, etc. Plenty of options here =)


Silicone it or a #11 rubber ring available at a hardware store.

Scratch that’ Don’t use the #11 ring. Silicone it. I like it better than YYJ pads. It does take 24 hours to cure. That’s why you should buy 2 classics. Or more.

Well Thankyou Im going to try it with 19mm