Legacy Response system?

What is the measurement of the Legacy Silicone pads?.. 12mm or 13.7mm?

Can I put Duncan 12mm or 13.7mm silicone stickers in Legacy?

Please answer… And tell me if its okay or a Bad Idea… ??? ???

The Legacy does not use silicone pads. Duncan silicone stickers are made for pad response yo-yo’s. Instead, the Legacy uses YYJ silicone o-rings. You can find them at the YYE store here:

The CBC response and K-Pads work too(888 size works):

Or, you can use flowable silicone and fill in the groove.

Oh… okay… thanks!

Mabe put in flowable silicone, its acceptable.

They haven’t had the yyj silicone for months.

Here’s the link to the K Pad

Get the slim one.