YYJ Silicone Pads Problem

I have had my Dark Magic 2 for less then a week and both of my SPs stretch out? I think it might be from the heat. Both stretched out a couple days apart. I noticed them stretched out when it started acting responsive. I’ve been playing with thin lube and blue 100 pack strings and cleaning regularly.

I don’t want to keep buying the SPs every week … they are about $3.

What should i do? Any solutions regarding the SPs?

Also, should I get the YYJ Large speed bearing (extra thought)?


Are you taking them out or something? If you just leave them in there until they either come out or stop working correctly, you won’t have problems.

I think the responsivness is from the stretching out. Stretching=more surface area=more response

I never messed with them, they just randomly got stretched out. I started playing one morning and the yoyo started playing responsive, then when i looked inside, the SP came out of its slot. I tried putting it back in a it didnt fit anymore, no clue how this happened to both of them. Confusing!! lol

May have just been a defected pair.

Also make sure there is no leftover adhesive when you put the new ones in. I’ve lost many pads to that mistake. If they still don’t work for you, I guess you can try K-Pads. 888 sized should fit.

Yea it was probably defective just get new pads and 888 size pads fit in them I have tried

If you don’t want to buy pads buy a tube of RTv silicone. It gives tight consistent binds and is dirt cheap. You can find it at wal-mart in little tubes hung up on the wall usually (it will be labeled as gasket maker) There are many good tuts on youtube for siliconing.

I have never had silicone pads stretch out on me yet, so as paolo said, I think they are defective.

Thank you all for the tips and suggestions. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again. If anyone has any other mod suggestions please post.

Thanks again.