YYJ RingMaster bearing question

I was looking at the new YYJ RingMaster and was confused by the picture vs. the listed bearing size. Nowhere does it say that this comes with two bearings, so I must assume that the one pictured is the one claimed top be C size (250x500x187)mm. But when I look at the pictures on YYE the RingMaster almost looks like an off-string; the gap is so thin.

So what size is the bearing in the RingMaster? And why does the gap look so thin? It claims to be " superb for advanced play" but the gap looks like I could do a tug-return. I hate to think what my knuckles would look like after a few string-layers into that gap. Is this a responsive yoyo? I am confused the more questions I ask…

I was under the impression that all solid axle system yoyos ship with two bearings. Atleast, all of the ones that ship with a thin bearing also come with a wide bearing, unless otherwise noted (classic)

However, I did have the privilege of trying out a ringmaster proto at worlds, and it did use a standard c sized bearing. The thin bearing as just probably what was stock in the package and what YYE decided to use for the picture.

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From picture it seems there is thin bearing and O-ring response, so same as yoyojam classic, really tug responsive. So maybe you should buy standard bearing and k-pads with each Ringmaster?

the pic could be a proto which could very well be a modded classic and they never change response or its a proto with its first response but changed it who knows but if the specs doesn’t say half its a full sized bearing

Like nearly all of the Solid Spin YoYoJams for the past two years, it come with both a slim and full size bearing.

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I have read all of these responses and I am still confused. Why is the yoyo not pictured with both bearings for comparison? Why does it not state that there are two bearings included? Why would they use pictures of prototypes?

The description of the RingMaster strongly implies that this is fully-capable modern yoyo, yet the picture shows a thin-bearing and an O-ring? Why? How do I switch from O-ring to un-responsive without having to change the pad-response?

I think YYE needs to define what this yoyo is and who it is targeted to. The description just does not fit the pictures.

YYE is showing you what you get stock out of the package. Thin bearing, O rings, etc.

Also, they are not showing a modded classic, they are showing the production run Ringmaster. I have no idea why that came up.

The Ringmaster is an intermediate to advanced yoyo, marketed to intermediate and advanced players. Pretty much every single intermediate and advanced player knows how to change a bearing (especially a bearing that is included in the box). The overwhelming majority of these players have spare pads that can be placed into the yoyo, and have the skill set to do so.

Lots of assumptions here.

Does the RingMaster come with imaginary-spare response pads for the also-imaginary large bearing that apparently I should imagine comes with this yoyo? I imagine I am the only one that finds this description and pictures both lacking in detail and misleading in fact.

Best thing to do would be contact YYE and ask them to clarify if it comes with a wide bearing if it really bothers you.

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The o-ring shown in the YYE pix is the standard YYJ silicone o-ring, which is much improved over the older style black rubber plumbing type of o-ring used in the legacy YYJ yoyos. It fits flush in all of the YYJ yoyos I’ve seen them in. It is not overly responsive by any stretch of the imagination.

i think he is talking about the second pic when is fully assembled

Oh, yes, that obviously is the old style o-ring. The printed specs however do call out the new sili pads:

that confused me when i first was thinking of buying it (then i realized that this to a classic is like a dm2 to a legacy)