YYJ Revival unable to play

I have a YYJ Revival that no longer works. When i throw it, it spins for a few seconds and then stops. I have replaced the bearing, response pads and axle and am still unable to play with it. Did i strip the inner parts of my yoyo ?

it sounds like something common to yoyojams… you overtightened and pushed the bearing into the sides of the yoyo destroying the bearing nub making it responsive. It can be fixed with shims i think…

the outer enclosure of yyj’s bearing seat is notoriously tight. Some bearings made with slightly larger than average OD (even including Dif) could get stuck, as happened to my phenomizm and one of the classics.
If you have a bearing with rounded edges then try it.

Sorry to hear your Revival isn’t working properly, did you purchase it from us? If so, send us an email or give us a call and we can help you out!