i just wanted to know which is better out of the YYF ONE and the YYJ Kickside…


Both have fans. I have the ONE, I like it but I keep it as responsive for other people to try. The Kickside is maybe a bit better as it’s designed to be a non-responsive yoyo. It’s also larger and heavier by around 10 grams.

My guess would be the kickside would have the edge. I think the weight is what is making my decision. I have a Kickside in my “wants” list, but it’s not urgent. It’s a popular model that is very affordable, which is why it’s on my wants list.

Keep in mind the YYF ONE and WHIP were deisgned to be low-cost but durable yoyos, more oriented for the beginner and those looking for a bit of a challenge.


thanks, and what do you think about the Lyn Fury?


The Lyn Fury is also on my list of stuff to get, but not something I currently have. Heavier than the ONE or WHIP, lighter than the Kickside and a big smaller.

I’m just quoting specs so that’s all I can reasonably say. It’s another very popular and cost effective model. Hey, why not throw the Prelude into the mix too. Another on my “buy” list that I don’t have. However, it is on the lighter side, at 56.8 grams, so it’s closer to the ONE in weight.


okay so now im thinking the one or the lyn fury… which one do you think is better?


Not having either the Lyn Fury or the Kickside, I can’t state anything with any sort of informed decision.

If I HAD to choose, I’d choose the Kickside because it’s larger and heavier, and I like oversized and heavier throws. However, the Lyn Fury is a good weight for it’s size considering it’s a plastic. There are people who swear by either. Both are popular, inexpensive and readily available and have large followings.

I plan on getting both of those, a Prelude and a Speed Maker. Sometimes the cheap stuff can be a super fun diversion. Of the 4, I’d say the Kickside anyways, Again, size and weight is the factor.


the lyn fury is unresponsive right? and has a good spin time?


No clue regarding spin time. I don’t have one so I can’t comment. However, with a good throw, almost any yoyo will give more than adequate spin time.


I just bought a lyn fury off a guy on here and it is silid on one side and great as an unresponsive throw! I also have a kick in the mail as we speak so hopefully I can see which I like more ill be sure to let ya know!


cool, do u have a counter attack?


I do not have a counter attack yet but its on the list. So is a prelude as mentioned above because they are decent plastic throws at a great price. I only haven’t gotten the prelude yet because I have a journey and I personally think they are similar. But ill be at the mail box today so hopefully I can get you a quick first look at the kick and I have a pgm coming as well if that is an option.


The lyn fury will come stock responsive, but can easily be modded to be unresponsive. You only have to clean the bearing, and silicon it (this won’t make it more unresponsive just less snaggy.


I haven’t tried the YYJ Legacy, but the YYF One is a great yoyo, same as the YYF Whip.


yea i have the whip and its a pretty good throw ;D especially for the price :o