YYJ Matrixx - then, and now

11 or 12 years ago I had a YYJ Matrixx. Really liked the way it played.

A couple of years later I sold all my throws. Fast forward to now - just getting back and building a collection…

In rebuilding my collection, I found a nice Matrixx on eBay, and it arrived today. I was really surprised to see that it was quite unresponsive. The one I had years ago was not - it was great, but it was not an unresponsive yoyo.

Curious to know if YYJ (and others?) may have just transitioned older models to be unresponsive as the trend went that way, or if it is more likely that the previous owner (the seller was an individual, not a company) modded it?

Are a lot of the higher end, responsive throws from the past keeping their names and being made into unresponsive versions, or are most unresponsive throws completely new models?

The response has probably been worn down and the bearing might have been cleaned. This could cause it to be unresponsive

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Yes, but I’m not sure that’s the case here. It is in great shape, looks to have seen very little use, and totally unresponsive…just seems like there would be at least a tiny bit had it been put together as responsive, originally…but I’m still learning.

I’ll check around to see if its still being made, and if not, when production stopped. That might be useful.

I believe the Matrix used O ring response. The previous owner could have shaved down the O ring to make it unresponsive (This used to be a common mod when O rings were more popular). You wouldn’t be able to tell without taking out the O rings. Or the O rings have just been worn down over time, which happens. It might of used starburst, which do wear down over time as well.

More than likely the bearing has been cleaned. This change can make a responsive yoyo unresponsive without making the bearing look any difference.

Only other thing I can think of is shims which are widening the gap. Check the bearing seat area for any loose parts.

EDIT: Finally found an article on the Matrixx. It was a hybrid, so the unresponsiveness probably comes from a combination of wear on the O ring and on the starbursts. Also, the Matrixx uses a B bearing, so shims are unlikely.

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The matrix is a hybrid response - half starburst and half o-ring. With a clean bearing and the gap set wide it is very unresponsive regardless of the condition. It has an adjustable gap.

90% of response (or lack of) is in the bearing being lubed or clean.

Opened it up and looked inside…

Starbursts on one side, and the o-ring receptacle had a clearish, rather spongy-feeling material inside that was (cut?) definitely below the level of the plastic.

You guys were right (I shoulda known :slight_smile: ).

Appreciate the help!

Sounds like silicone. You can scrape it out (though it’s a bit of a pain with polycarbonite yoyos) with a toothpick.

You can pick up a new O ring at your local hardware store.

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To be honest, I really like how it plays - started binding last week. I wasn’t aware that the rings were available stock from a hardware store, however. I’ll try to pick one up and work with it just for fun and experience.

Thank you!

You’d have to pour some fresh silicone into the groove after you replace it with an O ring. The silicone will come out in bits.

Flowable silicone is the best kind to use. I can’t find it anywhere in my area, but maybe you can. You can buy it off this site.

Removed the silicon. Came out in one piece, fortunately.

I assumed that because the silicon was below the level of the plastic that it was having no effect. Found out real quick that wasn’t the case, and had to put the silicon back in! Fortunately, it was an easy task. Works great.

I’m a tinkerer, by nature. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes not :stuck_out_tongue: