YYF 2.0

so i managed to get my hands on a YYF 2.0 today. and im wondering is is supposed to be responsive?


No. Was yours bought new or used? If the bearing has been lubed by a prior owner, you may want to clean the bearing first to see if that resolves the issue.

new. i might have gotten a bad bearing

switch the bearing, string, and response. make sure the bearing is one you trust in a sense, you probably know what i mean. If not, it means its one you use for your best throw because its soooo good. That is the sure way to make your yoyo unresponsive.

im about to do that. with the exception of response because its not worth it right now

yeah haha its not really necessary anyways, im just saying that would make it %99.9999999 sure to make it unresponsive :stuck_out_tongue:

do you know how to take the bearing out of a 2.0? it seems to be attached to it somehow

Hahaha… first time with a YYF?

no i have a pgm. thats the yoyo that holds the bearing that is gonna be in my 2.0. but in the pgm it comes out easily. in the 2.0 its stuck or something

You’ve got…(Dun Dun Dun) The DEATH GRIP

i am stuck with it like this: http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5548/10352906436_34c297a010.jpg
maybe you can help me YoCyanightYo

on top of that i have to pry those oh so wonderful spacers off of the bearing that will go on my 2.0 :-\

For the bearing, jam the but of a 1/4 inch drill bit in. Wiggle. If you still fail, freeze it, then try again. For the spacers, find something that gradually gets bigger, such as a paint scraper. They’re thicker in the center. Push the corner between the bearing and spacer, and roll it.
That should separate everything, however cleaning the bearing in the 2.0 should make it unresponsive.

ok. and how does freezing it help? and i know that that should help but i dont really want to to that just yet so ill just keep the bearing and clean it later

no body knows but it does

ok. also the freezer isn’t bad for the response or anything is it?

edit: i got the bearing out easily without the fridge

Things shrink when they’re cold. That is why it’s easier to remove a bearing when it’s cold. And no, being cold shouldn’t damage anything. I’ve had condensation on my bearing before, but that’s not enough to cause rust.

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Steel shrinks slower then aluminum.

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so i got the bearing out and put the other in and now it plays nice and … responsive >:( im gonna clean the bearing from the 2.0 and then try again. :-\

edit: i cleaned it and now it is really nice and unresponsive