YYJ Hitman X The new Gen Hitman

Diameter: 53.96 mm / 2.12 inches
Width: 42.00 mm / 1.65 inches
Gap Width: 4.68 mm / .18 inches
Weight: 69.7 grams

http://i.imgur.com/I9YubAy.jpg http://i.imgur.com/bqmqmqQ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/lE0ZS9T.jpg

Most asked questions!

How does it feel??
The throw feels actually pretty good. That good ole classic yoyo butterfly feel. I am 24 y/o and when this yoyo and the Dark Magic originally came out way back when they were shiznit. Awesome throws for the money. Same caps as the good ole classic. The throw has a really good thud at the end of the string due to its heavy weight.

How does it play??
The throw plays okay in my opinion. It is not super awesome like I remembered, but I believe it has a lot with the skill I gained. It is just an okay yoyo. Everybody knows the YYJ speed bearing isn’t much count; therefore, I put a terrapin bearing in and moved on. The bearing helped a lot, but the yoyo couldn’t handle aggressive play. It would tangle in the string or just fizzle out. This happened no matter what I did. There were also a bunch of vibe. I also noticed something while playing. ONE of the halfs had a pretty pronounced wobble and the other side was fine. I called YOYO expert and talked to one of the guys and he told me the half and press on the half to see if the metal rim would seat better with the plastic side. I tried that and it didn’t work. I weigh about 168 and put all my weight into and still not good. Called yoyo expert back and I actually returned it and received a different yoyo.

Would I recommend this yoyo??
I actually wouldn’t sad to say. I use to be a huge fan of YYJ fan, but not so much any more. There are not much better throws out there for the same or LESS money. I know they are merican made and you’re supporting the merican republic, but the quality was not there for this yoyo. It might be that I have a lot bad luck with YYJ yoyos. I mean almost everyone I have ever purchased either had a but ton of vibe or the halfs were wobbly. This special edition hitman was $47 before taxes and shipping. Shipping being about $6 and Tax being $4 or $5 buck you’re now looking at $57 almost $60 bucks. So buy yoyos accordingly. One could spend $10 or $15 bucks more and receive a much better feeling, playing, and all metal yoyos. MAY not be merican made but will play very well.

I don’t mean to HATE on YYJ. It is not my intention to make folks frown upon YYJ. I believe everyone should know when you buy a plastic/metal throw you are taking a risk of the metal not seating very well against the plastic. That is with any brand. Thank you all for reading. Any other questions just leave them below

I’m curious how you can attribute the wobble to one half.

I guessing there was more visible vibe on one half. But even then, you don’t really know, it could be the bad smooth half causing the other half to wobble.

O yes! It was very noticeable on one of the halfs. It was super obvious. You could actually feel the tiny gap between the metal rim and the plastic.

This review matched my observations about YYJ’s hybrids very well. My DMII is a fun throw, and plays ok, but the quality just isn’t there for the price, especially if you’ve moved into unresponsive play and even more so if you have experience with metals. And the speed bearings are terrible, my defective MonkeyfingeR bearing spins longer and less vibes than a fresh cleaned speed bearing.

So I’d say good review!

Mine wobbles but that has to do more with my poor talent. If I get a good throw it’s buttery smooth. I don’t have a lot of other throws for comparison but it does feel heavy.

You have to evaluate the wobble after touching the yoyo’s catchzone to discard the vibe coming from your arm’s throw.

But he says:

So that would imply he knows his throw is bad and the finger test is not needed…

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