Super fast YYF velocity review

Okay. So I’ve not been Yoyoing for too long. Just a couple of weeks but I needed and upgrade from my Yomega Brain. I bought 2 throws; a YYJ Classic and a YYF Velocity. I haven’t got the classic yet but I do have the velocity so I thought I’d do a quick review!

Looks nice
The dials are a cool gimmick
tough enough to take a few whacks

I have a black v2. It looks really nice and the blue dials make for good contrast. The plastic feels nice and good quality as well as having nice textured rims. I’ve already dinged/scuffed it a bit but it seems to be doing fine still. The dials are a neat idea but not without their flaws. Now I’m going to move onto the cons. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not the best player and my throw isn’t perfectly straight but I’d like to think it’s not awful either (though I would appreciate advice on improving my throw.)

Weight distribution seems iffy
Getting the response adjusted correctly is difficult
The response seems to slip back into the side instead of staying put
Spin times are inconsistent
Hard to get a straight throw
Shakes about a lot on the string
Doesn’t feel too stable

Yup. A lot of cons. I mean I want to like this but it really doesn’t feel much better than the Brain. I can easily get straight throws more than 50% of the time with the brain but with this they feel like a minority. The size of this throw is a bit too small for my hands too. I get a lot of shaking and spinning from it when it hits the bottom of the string and unresponsive play is just straight out unpleasant. I feel like a lot of this may be due to my skill but I also think it is partially to blame on the adjustable response. I don’t seem to be able to get it even and so I think it might be affecting my throws. I like the Velocity enough to keep on playing with it but I really hope the YYJ Classic doesn’t suck quite as much.

I’ll give it a 3/5 rating.

I feel like my own lack of skill may be to blame so I want to be forgiving.

i think i can give a faster review…


I could have just said I don’t like it but that’s not a real review.